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Where to Start in Creating a Healthy Diet for Your Pet

One of the most common comments we get is,

“I’d love to feed my pet a healthier diet, but don’t know where to start or what even is considered a healthy diet for my pet?”


We recommend starting with a raw food diet. There are SO many benefits to feeding your pet raw food. Years ago I had two wonderful Golden Retrievers, Boomer and Gunner. For reasons that only life can throw at you, I had to allow someone else to take care of Boomer and Gunner for about seven months. During that time they did not eat raw food, but instead consumed kibble from Costco. Even though they had no health issues to speak of, once they went off their raw food diet and their coats became dull, greasy, and smelly. They had gained weight and they were lethargic. Granted, they were 15 years old at the time, but when I got them back and they resumed their raw food diet, within two weeks they were once again alert and active (just like they were before their raw food hiatus). Their coats became shiny and sleek again within the month, and they lost that “doggy” smell, which they never had before they went off raw food.

Potential Benefits of a
Raw Pet Food Diet that supporters tout include:

  • No odor

  • Naturally cleans teeth - bones have abrasive action that helps remove tartar

  • Healthy stools – and they are firm, and turn chalky after a couple of days

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Healthier diets promote a healthy immune system and long, healthy lives.

  • Better diets support shiny, glossy skin and coat

  • High quality diets support a healthy immune system and better nutrition means your dogs and cats are healthier

You can count on all of our products being free of added hormones, antibiotics and preservatives and proudly made in the USA.  Our diets are wholesome, nutritious and delicious just as Mother Nature intended. All you need do is thaw and serve.


Which raw meat should I choose for my dog?

    Bison has a relatively high protein, high mineral content.  It has four times more Omega 3's than beef,  as well as a naturally higher fat content than elk.  Bison is a great meat to choose if your dog is needing to put on a little weight.

    Elk and venison are wild game meats which have naturally occurring Omega 3's and are high in iron and protein. Venison has a slightly higher fat content than elk or bison. Elk is the leanest of the three game meats.

    Vegetables in a dogs diet helps dogs get added nutrients.

    Choosing a meat without vegetables is great for someone who is looking for an elimination diet for their dog if their dog has allergies.

    Elk bones can be served to your dog as part of their raw diet. According to Dr. Ian Billingshurst "Raw meaty bones and vegetable scraps were very close to the evolutionary diet of cats and dogs. No cooking or processing to remove the 'unwanted' or 'unnecessary' bits. No adulteration with chemicals. No massive amounts of cooked grains. The evolutionary approach to nutrition was obvious and common sense." Not only will your dog receive essential nutrients from these bones but they will help strengthen your dogs jaw.

We recommend you to consider feeding organ meats/tripe every 7-10 days to complete your pet's raw food diet. 

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We also highly recommend our product Ultimate Mobility.

This product can help with discomfort associated with normal daily excercise and activity. The cooling antioxidants fight free radical formation while at the same time support joint mobility. This super supplement actually supports natural cartilage repair and growth. You’ll never need another joint supplement again, this one truly works for older dogs.  Year after year, Ultimate mobiility is our top selling supplement.


• Young Dogs for proper bone and joint development.
• Adult dogs to help maintain healthy hip and joint function.
• Older Dogs with age related mobility issues

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Another great product to get you started is our Ultimate Health supplement.This supplement is LOADED with antioxidants which protect against free radical damage and environmental toxins. It supports digestion; it’s loaded with probiotics to support the absorption of foods and also has characteristic of Ultimate mobility (for joint health) along with properties to support cellular water absorption. By keeping the body hydrated it ages at a slower pace along with super antioxidants for healthy ears, eyes, heart and brain function.

• Show Dogs
• Dogs with Allergies
• Senior Dogs

• Joint Support
• Mental Function
• Eye Health
• Heart Health
• Supports Lean Muscle

• Maintains a Strong Immune System

• Aids digestion


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We hope this list gets you started on your journey to a healthier diet for your pet in 2020! Please feel free to message or comment below if you have any questions at all!

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