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Ultimate Health

Ultimate Health

Ultimate Health

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Ultimate Health: This supplement is LOADED with antioxidants which protect against free radical damage and environmental toxins. It supports digestion; it’s loaded with probiotics to support the absorption of foods and also has characteristic of Ultimate mobility (for joint health) along with properties to support cellular water absorption. By keeping the body hydrated it ages at a slower pace along with super antioxidants for healthy ears, eyes, heart and brain function.

• Show Dogs
• Dogs with Allergies
• Senior Dogs

• Joint Support
• Mental Function
• Eye Health
• Heart Health
• Supports Lean Muscle

• Maintains a Strong Immune System

• Aids digestion

Serving Suggestion: For each 45 lbs. of body weight, mix 1 tablespoon of Ultimate Health™ into your dog’s food each day. It comes in powder form. It has a great taste that even the pickiest dogs will love!

1 Pound Bag: about 50 tablespoons
4 Pound Bag: about 200 tablespoons



Hi! My name is Sweet Pea. I am a 3 year-old Argentinian Dog from Newport Beach, CA. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Buffalo Chews. Ever since my mom brought them home for me, I refuse to eat any other chewy. Although she calls me spoiled she continues to keep them well in supply. We all know who the top dog is in this relationship. Also your Wild Game Jerky is great and the Tuff Toys seem to be the only ones that can survive for any length of time. Thank you Love Your Pet, you have a lifelong customer in me.

Sweet Pea - California

Love Your Pet and Valerie Kamdar were the miracle I was praying for my dog Gigi. Simply put they helped me save my girl.  I have been loyal customer for about two years.  Gigi is 6-year-old spunky American Staffordshire terrier and she came to be with me about four years ago suffering from severe food and environmental allergies.

Lynne - New Jersey

My name is Kodiak Bear and I’m a VERY happy chocolate Labrador. My parents discovered Love Your Pet Bakery, their food and products when I was just three months old. Thankfully they made a commitment to start feeding me raw when I was six months old, and I haven’t had to eat another morsel of processed dog food since. I can’t tell you the difference in how I have felt and the way my fur coat looks since I began eating organic raw venison, buffalo and elk. I also have the unbelievable opportunity to gnaw on elk bones and knuckles that help to keep my teeth clean and give me good nutrients.

Kodiak Bear - Florida

My son & his wife discovered the owner of Love Your Pet in Utah with her dogs. They were so impressed with the radiant health of her dogs that they arranged to start feeding their chocolate lab raw, wild meat from Love Your Pet. Callie has thrived. Her vet declares that she is the healthiest lab he has ever seen! I filled my suitcase full of Callie's food and brought it home to my two german shepherds every time I visited CA. They loved it!

Ann - New York
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