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Raw, wild food as NATURE INTENDED for your dog + cat

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Ensure the longevity of your pet by making the switch to Love Your Pet Raw Food. High in wild caught crude proteins and fiber that help your pet prosper.

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Both of our girls love the food and both devour it. We never experienced our dogs enjoying their food this much!  It feels so good to take care of them give them something that makes them so happy.  They know when we are preparing it and Gig is quite vocal as she signs for her food. This picture is what they look like when they are waiting for on the food prep.

Lynee - New Jersey

We have been so pleased with their products, services and personal touches that we use nothing but Love Your Pet in both our homes (Park City Utah and Palm Desert California). We would recommend them to any animal owner that wants to provide the best care and food for their dogs and cats.

Debi & Jeff - California

"Love Your Pet" sells the most amazing dog food. I live in Florida and actually have it shipped to my home. I have been using the venison, buffalo and elk for my German Shepherd, Desiree, with amazing results. One of our local animal hospitals was so impressed with my dogs diet, that they actually scheduled a conference with me to find out what I was doing. They told me that Desiree's diet is saving her from taking medications for gastric issues.

Martine - Florida

Bailey is my life, my pet and my friend. I rescued her from the pound at the age of 2. She had been loved but neglected for the last 6 months before I found her. As a mutt she had some skin and coat issues and struggled to control her weight. 

Then I discovered Love Your Pet fresh elk dog food. Bailey's skin and hair immediately improved. The lack of fillers and grains lead to better BMs. Her temperament changed dramatically and she is less anxious and high strung. I am convinced this is all due to her diet and intestinal health. I am constantly asked about what I feed her and I am proud to say nothing but fresh dog food (bison, elk and venison) from Love Your Pet. Morning and Night.

Sean & Bailey - Utah

I actually was pleasantly and comically surprised when my dog ate Love Your Pet's Wild Elk with vegetables, my dogs loved your raw food. I could tell because they got that 'round, prey drive eye' when I gave it to them. You know the look when a dog sees a squirrel... That desperate jaw clacking thing they do when they want something really badly. It was that.. 

And the jerky was a huge hit. He was actually still looking at the bag... Luckily it wasn't a full bag, but he managed to get thru a healthy portion pretty quick! 

Amanda - California
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