Wild, Raw Food as Nature Intended

Pristine, wild, raw food is what your pet deserves.
We deliver it fresh to your home.

The Benefits of Raw

Immune System Boost

Our products with naturally occurring EFA’s and Omega 3s have the power to fight inflammation and the diseases that attack weaker immune systems.

Enchanced Energy

Your pet thrives on the natural crude proteins in our product. Your pet doesn’t need the abundance of carbs in regular kibble, or the unnecessary spikes and crashes.

Easily Digestable

Our products are digested quickly. Simply put, less poop and no gas.

Naturally Clean Teeth

Do wolves in the wild carry toothbrushes? Of course not! Your pet will have healthier gums, cleaner teeth, and fresher breath!

Minimal to Zero Shedding

 Your pet will enjoy fewer skin irritations and a beautiful coat as a sign of good nutrition. You’ll be happier with less hair on your furniture, too!

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that our premium raw pet food is sourced and crafted with the highest quality standards, ensuring the well-being of your cherished companion.

Our Passion + Philosophy

Raw Food for Dogs and Cats

At Love Your Pet Raw Foods in Park City, Utah, we believe in doing things differently. In fact, our unparalleled approach is revolutionary in the pet industry. Since we began producing raw, wild meats and vegetables for your dog and cat in 1990, we have enjoyed a spotless record of quality control, which is a very high bar in the pet food industry.  

The range of products at Love Your Pet allows you to magically transform your pet’s health through food and supplements based on individual health issues, age, and breed. Add Love Your Pet raw dog and cat food to your pet’s diet, and you’ll never look back.

Food is fuel for your pets and we are confident that raw, quality food can help your pet reach its full potential.

What Goes Into Our Pet Food

Our organic Free-Range Bison are raised on the open grasslands of Montana where their ancestors thrived. After full and free lives, a few are humanely harvested to provide both humans and pets with heart-healthy meat that is rich in nutrients and naturally low in fat.

The wild Elk and Venison are provided exclusively to Love Your Pet through a private network of trackers. Once a year, our private network of hunters carefully manage the herd size, so overpopulation does not result in mass starvation.

These grand animals  live their lives in the rugged mountain ranges of the western U.S. in rhythm with the seasons inspire all of us to live life closer to nature.  The superlative purity of our meat is unmatched and provides your dogs and cats with extraordinarily, clean protein sources.

“Love Your Pet” sells the most amazing dog food. I live in Florida and have it shipped to my home. I have been using venison, buffalo, and elk for my German Shepherd, Desiree, with amazing results. One of our local animal hospitals was so impressed with my dog’s diet that they scheduled a conference with me to find out what I was doing. They told me that Desiree’s diet is saving her from taking medications for gastric issues. Desiree is not on any medication, and the vets felt her diet had kept her potential issues completely at bay.


Love Your Pet’s products are clean, with no additives or preservatives. They are deeply frozen, which kills any type of bacteria. My dog has never had any parasites or problems with this food, and I’ve been using it for many years. My first German Shepherd to eat a raw diet, Roxy, also did well with the food from Love Your Pet. I only wish I would’ve started Roxy on it years ago. Love Your Pet understands quality. They truly love animals and care about what your dog eats. Many people jokingly tell me they want to come back as my dog! My dog eats better than most humans!


Hillsboro Beach, FL

Top 10 Reasons to Feed Love Your Pet

Short ingredient list

Quality ingredients

Wild-caught proteins

Thoughtfully prepared

No recalls in 32 years

Easy to prepare

Customized meal plans

Highly Digestible

Your pet will be ecstatic to eat

NO preservatives, additives, colorings, or GMO's EVER

Raw Dog Food

•Free-Range Bison

•Wild Elk

•Wild Venison

Raw Cat Food

•Free-Range Bison

•Wild Elk

•Wild Venison

Meaty Bones & Treats

•Raw, Meaty bones





“Power” Supplements

•Ozonated Shampoo

•Ultimate Health 

•Ultimate Fusion 

•Ultimate Immunity 

•Ultimate Mobility 

•Ultimate Puppy

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