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This Week-From Dreamer's Perspective

This Week-From Dreamer's Perspective

Hey my Peeps,

It’s me Dreamer.  How are you doing? I really hope you’ll reply and let me know whats going on your world.  We, (the pets) are doing pretty well because we live in the moment, but our humans get worried and they do take care of us; so thanks to them! From my perspective I’m  enjoying the time off.  We’re  going for  more hikes and there are lots of dogs out and about.  


But my parents are extra cautious and they talk about “doggy distancing,”  it means we go in the opposite direction. "I don’t like that part because I’m a social guy and I’m the self proclaimed, “best sniffer ever” that’s how I get to know new and old friends, even people. For some reason I think the ladies smell the best.. The dog parks are closed;  “what’s up with that?”  Hopefully, dog grooming will be considered  "non essential,” that way I could get  super smelly and be more “au naturel”  Don’t get me wrong,  I love my groomer. Between us,  I think my mom appreciates her much more than me.  She always talks about the blueberry facial but I don’t t really taste anything.  And if you know me at all,  you know  one of my mantras, "I like food, do you have food, can you make me food?”  




Stay positive with love and drool,


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