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Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Dogs


This holiday season, Love Your Pet Bakery would like to share one of our personal favorite Christmas tales that they entire family can enjoy while those chestnuts roast on the open fire.

Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Dogs by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott is an uplifting tale about one young girl’s evening spent with a house full of charming canines, after dreamily wandering into a home assumed empty for several years.  Flame, our young protagonist, stumbles into the long forgotten house to explore it’s empty rooms when she is told the home will soon no longer be vacant. Once inside, Flame discovers that in fact a lonely butler lives inside with three dogs: a Dalmatian, a Russian Wolfhound, and an Irish setter.  Empathizing with the old butler's wish to spend the holidays with his loved ones, Flame volunteers to spend the evening with her new canine friends, granting the Christmas wish of the old man. Flame and her three new friends end up spending a hilarious evening full of puppy-induced hijinks, teaching our young protagonist a valuable lesson about love, family and goodwill to men.

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott’s wonderful story is available in several places online and in stores.  From the Love Your Pet Bakery family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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