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Coronavirus and Your Pet-What You Need To Know



Well friends, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been. We have been getting a lot of questions regarding COVID-19 and how this affects our furry friends. We have found the most accurate and best source for this information can be found at the CDC’s website linked HERE (and was updated as of yesterday).

According to the CDC, “In the United States, there is no evidence to suggest that any animals, including pets, livestock, or wildlife, might be a source of COVID-19 infection at this time. However, because all animals can carry germs that can make people sick, it’s always a good idea to practice healthy habits around pets and other animals.”

  • Wash your hands after handling animals, their food, waste, or supplies.

  • Practice good pet hygiene and clean up after pets properly.

  • Take pets to the veterinarian regularly and talk to your veterinarian if you have questions about your pet’s health.

We recommend reading the entire web page the CDC has specifically dedicated to this to learn all that you can. We hope that each of you and your pets stay healthy and happy at home at this time. We are in this together and will find a way through it!

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