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Benefits of Wild Game In Canine Diets

Have you thought about switching your dog to a raw diet? If so, you may have researched the benefits to feeding your dog a diet that includes wild game.  As is in humans, wild game can be a highly nutritious alternative to many domesticated meats, such as cow or chicken. Game meat is much leaner than domesticated meats, which can be very beneficial to your dog’s overall health.  Much of the information in this post was taken from

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It is important to see our furry friends for what they are: domesticated wolves.  Many experts in the fields of Zoology and animal behavior agree that dogs can thrive on a raw, wild game diet, as it mimics their natural experience in the wild.  That is not to say that a raw diet is right for all dogs. It is important for the pet owner to research and explore options for feeding in order to find what works best for their pet.  

In the wild, wolves not only learn how to hunt, but they teach their young how to eat.  Often times wolves are limited in their choice of game depending on their geographical region.  This is where the wolf/dog experience differs. Dogs have the ability to choose from several protein sources.  Experts agree that giving your dog a variety of meats is important for a well balanced, nutrient-rich diet, as well as a medley of options.  After all, variety is the spice of life for humans, why would it be any different for your dog!


It is common knowledge that dogs will eat just about anything, but did you know what your dog can sense what nutrients their bodies need? According to Dr. Isla Fishburn of the Kachina Canine Communication, leading wolf conservationist, dogs have instinctual understanding as to what they need to thrive to their full capacity.  Dr. Fishburn’s research has shown that dogs need a wide variety of foods, and they will choose what they want/need better than what we can choose for them. It is important not to assume that your dog is eating that rotten apple core out of the garbage, or the grass from your lawn because they just want to consume. They may be in need of key nutrients that could be missing in their food.  Trusting that your dog knows what they need, and tracking patterns can be highly beneficial to your dog’s overall health.

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