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About LOVE YOUR PET in Park City, UT

Since 1994, Love Your Pet has been handcrafting artisan dog and cat food  tailored to meet the natural evolutionary needs of your best friend. We believe that our furry companions are more than sofa ornaments, but essential members of our family that unify people through our common love for them. They deserve the purest nutrition prepared the way nature intended that will keep them full of life and in peak health for years.  Dogs and cats are carnivores that have evolved to require a protein-rich diet. Humans are omnivores, and have evolved very different dietary needs from our dogs and cats. Being considerate of this important difference in how each of our species achieves optimal health is the most fundamental way you can express how much your pet means to you.

About Love Your Pet Bakery in Park City

At Love Your Pet we are continuously researching what food regimens provide the highest nutrition for pets. Many years ago, our beloved Golden Retriever, Jackson, was accidentally poisoned. Determined to save his life, we learned that raw, pure meat raised in the wild and mixed with fresh organic vegetables is without question the truest source of complete nourishment for dogs.  We went to extreme lengths and unreasonable expense to provide this for Jackson, but all our efforts were worth it when he recovered and went on to live a long, healthy life. We wanted to keep providing our dogs with the food that had miraculously revived Jackson, but found there was nothing like this on the market. We set out on our own and today, over two decades later, are proud to share the food that we give our own dogs and cats with people who love their pets as much as we love ours. All of our meats are certified to be free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and 100% organic. Everything has been taste tested and approved by our pets for yours to love. 

Our Organic Free-Range Bison are raised on the open grasslands of Montana where their ancestors thrived. The air is pure and the streams run crystal clear. The herds are managed by expert environmentalists who guarantee these magnificent beasts are never injected with growth hormones or fed grains. After full and free lives, a few are humanely harvested to provide both humans and pets with heart-healthy meat that is rich in nutrients and naturally low in fat.

Our wild Elk and Venison are exclusively provided to Love Your Pet. We invite you to search far and wide for a better retailer of these meats because we know you will return to us soon. These grand animals that live their lives in the rugged mountain ranges of the western U.S. in rhythm with the seasons inspire all of us to live life closer to what Mother Nature intended. Once a year, our private network of trackers carefully help manage the herd size so overpopulation does not result in mass starvation. They share their bounty with their families and Love Your Pet. The superlative purity of these meats is unmatched and provides your dog and cat with a protein source they would get on their knees and thank you for, if they had knees. 

Our Bison, Elk, and Venison may be purchased mixed with a variety of organic, crisp vegetables that provides micro-nutrients and promotes colon health. If you are not sure which meat or entrée would be best for your pet, we look forward to your email or phone call for a personal consultation.

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About the Founder

Valarie Kamdar is the founder and CEO of Love Your Pet. She started the company in 1990 with a passion for animal wellness through nutrition. Valarie Started into raw food for cats and dogs in a production plant in Washington state and currently sources and produces her fabulous foods in Utah. She is a graduate of the University of Utah with an advanced degree from Babson College. She is currently married with two dogs and a cat.

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