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10 Things Newfoundland Lovers Know By Heart

We found this article by Kiki Kane at The Dog People and just couldn’t resist sharing it! As Newfoundland owners/lovers ourselves, we completely agree with everything she says!

Newfoundland owners know that sharing your heart with these gentle giants will change your life forever. Newfies were bred to help fisherman retrieve their nets in the cold waters off Newfoundland, and still possess the shaggy double coat and big webbed paws that aided them in their original work.

These days, Newfies are excellent family dogs, known to be good with children and other pets. And oh yeah, they still love the water. Try and keep them out. Here are ten fun quirks that Newfie lovers will tell you about their dogs.

They’re graceful in the water, but not so much on land



A Newfie coat can be model-worthy gorgeous



Newfoundlands love water, all the time, everywhere



They grow up way too fast



Newfies need plenty of scretching



They might have a little bit of a drooling problem



Newfoundlands are seriously strong swimmers



They’ve got some impressive paws



Did we mention they love water?



Newfoundlands are definitely lapdogs

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