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Why choose a RAW FOOD DIET for your pet?

Raw Food Diet = Happy, Healthy Pets

What difference does a raw pet food diet make?

People often ask if feeding your pet raw food makes any difference in your pet’s health if they didn’t have a health issue to begin with. Recall that I got into raw pet food because my dog Jackson had been poisoned and  desperately needed to gain weight. Because Jackson would eat raw food I was extremely motivated to prepare it for him. You will notice benefits and changes in your pet even if they're fairly healthy.  Scroll down and read Chico and Kooper's stories.

Newf Dogs on a Raw Pet Food Diet by Love Your Pet in Park City

The best way to understand why a raw pet food diet is good for your dog or cat is by example:

Years ago I had two wonderful Golden Retrievers, Boomer and Gunner. For reasons that only life can throw at you, I had to allow someone else to take care of Boomer and Gunner for about seven months. During that time they did not eat raw food, but instead consumed kibble from Costco. Even though they had no health issues to speak of, once they went off their raw food diet and their coats became dull, greasy, and smelly. They had gained weight and they were lethargic. Granted, they were 15 years old at the time, but when I got them back and they resumed their raw food diet, within two weeks they were once again alert and active (just like they were before their raw food hiatus). Their coats became shiny and sleek again within the month, and they lost that “doggy” smell, which they never had before they went off raw food.

Golden Retriever Raw Pet Food Diet

It’s Not Just My Dogs

Here in Park City Chico, a two-year-old Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix from Furburbia, was put on Love Your Pet's raw food diet by his new family, in less than a month his coat was so shiny and silky that he always looked and felt like he had just been bathed, even if he hadn’t had a bath in over a month. Plus, he was more alert, but less hyper, and for a little dog that says a lot. It’s important to note that Chico was healthy when he was adopted, but feeding him raw food raised the bar on his health even higher.

Chico, Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher from Furburbia in Park City

In Orlando, Florida, one of our customers put her Golden Retriever puppy, Kooper on a raw diet for the first few months of his life, but then took him off it due to dissatisfaction with the raw foods they found in their area.. He jut didn't like them. When she noticed how much healthier her sister’s Chocolate Lab (Kodi) looked and acted (Kodi is three years older than Kooper), she decided to put Kooper back on the raw food diet when he was about eight months old. Now he’s more active, energetic, and his coat is as sleek and healthy as it can be. We’re using Kooper as a raw food case study and tracking his progress (which we’ll  post on the News section of our website along with several other testimonials that are already there). His owners have kindly allowed us to interview Kooper so that other dogs making this transition will have an idea of the challenges as well as many benefits of feeding raw.

Golden Retriever on a Raw Pet Food Diet by Love Your Pet Bakery in Park City

The best way to determine if raw food is better for your pet is to try it. Feed your dog or cat raw food for one month and see if you can tell the difference. I bet you will. When that happens please come into the shop and tell me all about it. I always love a good success story!

Potential Benefits of a
Raw Pet Food Diet that supporters tout include:

  • No odor
  • Naturally cleans teeth - bones have abrasive action that helps remove tartar
  • Healthy stools – and they are firm, and turn chalky after a couple of days
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Healthier diets promote a healthy immune system and long, healthy lives.
  • Better diets support shiny, glossy skin and coat
  • High quality diets support a healthy immune system and better nutrition means your dogs and cats are healthier

You can count on all of our products being free of added hormones, antibiotics and preservatives and proudly made in the USA.  Our diets are wholesome, nutritious and delicious just as Mother Nature intended. All you need do is thaw and serve.

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