Why Choose A Raw Diet

Raw Food Diet = Happy, Healthy Pets

What difference does a raw pet food diet make?

We can tell you raw food makes all the difference in the world for your pet’s health. Even if they don’t seem to have, but here are the real-life stories of Boomer, Gunner, Chico, and Cooper.

Boomer and Gunner

Years ago, I had two wonderful Golden Retrievers, Boomer, and Gunner. For reasons only life can throw at you, I had to allow someone else to care for Boomer and Gunner for about seven months. During that time, they did not eat raw food but consumed kibble from Costco. Even though they had no health issues to speak of, while eating that kibble their coats became dull, greasy, and smelly. They became lethargic and gained weight.  Granted, they were 15 years old at the time, but when I got them back, within two weeks on their raw food diet, they were again alert and active (just like they were before their raw food hiatus). Their coats became shiny and sleek again within the month, and they lost that “doggy” smell, which they never had before they went off raw food.


Here in Park City, Chico, a two-year-old Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix from Furburbia, was put on Love Your Pet’s raw food diet by his new family. In less than a month, his coat was so shiny and silky that he always looked and felt like he had just been bathed, even if he hadn’t had a bath in over a month. Plus, he was more alert but less hyper, and for a little dog, that says a lot. It’s important to note that Chico was healthy when he was adopted, but feeding him raw food raised the bar on his health even higher.


In Orlando, Florida, one of our customers put her Golden Retriever puppy, Kooper, on a raw diet from local sources for the first few months of his life but then took him off it because he just didn’t like them. When she noticed how much healthier her sister’s chocolate Lab (Kodi) looked and acted (Kodi is three years older than Kooper), she decided to put Kooper back on the raw food diet using Love Your Pet wild-caught protein.

Now Kooper’s more active and energetic, and his coat is as sleek and healthy as it can be. 

Is Raw Food Right for Your Pet?

You can follow the research, but the best way to determine if raw food is better for your pet is to try it.

Feed your dog or cat raw food for one month and see if you can tell the difference. I bet you will.

When that happens, tell us all about it. We always love a success story!

Our Promise of Quality

You can count on our products being free of added hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives and proudly made in the USA.  Our diets are wholesome, nutritious, and delicious!  All you need to do is thaw and serve.

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