Ozone – A quick glance

Ozone is an unstable bluing gas with a pleasant scent that is easily recognizable.  When a molecule of oxygen, O2, is bound via oxidation to an atom, it becomes Ozone or O3.  Ozone makes the air smell fresh, and its color makes the sky blue.  Due to its strong...

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Jonah – Our Rescue from Nuzzles

As Jonah's Mom, it breaks my heart to think of his struggles before finding his way into his forever home. When we first met Jonah, we could tell that he had been through so much in his life, but there was something about him that tugged at our heartstrings and we...

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Argos – “The” Italian Mother

I am one of six or one of 10.  I'm like an Italian mother.  I take care of everyone.  My mum said I was born a 40-year-old. She always said I had an "ice cream face," whatever that meant.  I like ice cream; no flavor, all of them work for me....

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Sedgwick, the last of the Mohicans 

Sometimes you meet the best of friends in the most unlikely places. In October of 1990 I went to a trade show in Chicago with my sister. We stayed at a close friend's home in lovely Lincoln Park at the cross street of Sedgwick and Eugenie. At that time my cat, Sancho...

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Oliver – A True Gentleman

I’ll always remember the first time that I met Oliver.  My friend, Mary, was visiting from California and we were relaxing and hanging out.  I received a call and the caller asked if I was the Newfoundland woman?  I’ve never been called this before...

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Gunner – The Best Family Dog

  I am blessed to live with dogs my entire life. As an adult, I finally chose the dog breed for me; a breed that resonated was the quintessential family dog: the Golden Retriever. I had three, and what a wild, joyful ride for me (like the E-ticket at Disneyland)...

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Jackson – An Adventurous Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is the perfect dog. I will always have an affinity and reverence for this beautiful, intelligent, confident, and outgoing breed. Jackson was all of those things and more. I had very high expectations for him. I wanted him to live 'til he was 33,....

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