Jonah – Our Rescue from Nuzzles

Mar 30,

As Jonah’s Mom, it breaks my heart to think of his struggles before finding his way into his forever home. When we first met Jonah, we could tell that he had been through so much in his life, but there was something about him that tugged at our heartstrings and we knew we had to bring him into our family.

Despite his rough past and the fact that he had been surrendered to multiple homes before ours, Jonah was a beacon of hope and resilience. He was so smart and mischievous, always finding new ways to get into trouble and charm us with his wagging tail and bright eyes. He had a special bond with me, always by my side and following me around wherever I went.

Watching him interact with our other furry family members was truly heartwarming. He fit right in with our three Newfoundlands and two cats, always eager to play and cuddle with his new siblings. And when we adopted a new puppy named Dreamer, Jonah took her under his wing and patiently showed her how to navigate the dog door.

It’s hard to imagine that someone could give up on such a loving and loyal dog, but when our friend adopted him, she realized that Jonah needed more energy and attention than she could give him. She made the difficult decision to return him so that he could find a forever home where he would be cherished and appreciated for the wonderful dog he truly was.

When we finally brought Jonah into our home, we knew that we had found our missing puzzle piece. He was no longer a lost and lonely dog, but a cherished family member. We gave him all the love, attention, and care he needed, and he repaid us with unwavering devotion and endless joy.

Now that Jonah has passed away, our hearts ache with the emptiness of his absence. But we take comfort in knowing that he lived a happy life surrounded by love and happiness, and that his memory will live on in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, dear Jonah – you will always be loved and remembered as a true gem among dogs.

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