Jackson – An Adventurous Golden Retriever

Mar 15,

The golden retriever is the perfect dog. I will always have an affinity and reverence for this beautiful, intelligent, confident, and outgoing breed. Jackson was all of those things and more. I had very high expectations for him. I wanted him to live ’til he was 33,. I would jokingly say this, but I did think he was perfect. I thought he should live to the same age as Christ when he died. Yes, I joked but secretly I hoped. I will wholeheartedly and blissfully agree that I am one of those “neurotic, nutso, dog people and I’m completely fine with it.”

Meet Jackson, the Perfect Golden Retriever: A Story of Love and Resilience | Discover the heartwarming journey of Jackson, the intelligent, confident, and outgoing golden retriever who touched the lives of many. From being an escape artist to becoming a therapy dog, his indomitable spirit and love for life were unmatched. Explore how Love your Pet Raw Foods transformed his health and how he lived to the ripe old age of 18, leaving behind a legacy of perfection and unwavering love.

Getting back to perfection, everything Jackson did was fine with me. I remember once he chewed a pair of really nice pumps, I was thrilled; he had chewed them both and not just one. I complimented his sagacity to chew in pairs. Ridiculous, I agree, but comical. That’s what he was, as a puppy; an unabashed clown.

Before he was neutered, he was also an escape artist. One day, I couldn’t find him, I was heartbroken that night when I went home without Jackson. The next morning someone about ten minutes away called and asked if my dog was lost. I replied, “Yes, do you have him.” “No, just his collar,” the man replied. My heart sank as I worried about all the possible scenarios. Then the man said, “there’s a family, that I think has your dog; they’re my next-door neighbors, you might want to check with them.” I drove over, and there was Jackson, happily playing with the cutest red-haired boy I had ever seen.

He had freckles and was about four years old. When I told him that he was my dog, the boy replied, “he’s not, his name is Red and he didn’t have a collar.” I smiled, amused but also annoyed. This adorable child was trying to steal my puppy. They were cute together but I told his mom and she said that her son “found him” and she mentioned that she had told him, “if he didn’t collar, he could keep him.”

I took “Red,” home with me as he longingly looked back at the little rascal look-a-like. I think the next day or later that week, Jackson got neutered. No more running away, I would nip that in the bud (no pun intended)!

Jackson went everywhere with me. When I moved back to LA full-time, we lived in Brentwood and I would tease Jackson that he was more Jewish than me, he would always look both ways before he crossed the street and he knew a lot of hand commands. Again, perfection. I never worried about him crossing the street without me.

Jackson become a therapy dog at Cedars Sinai, and people always related to him. He had an indomitable spirit. He had been unintentionally poisoned when he was about 18 months, it took him 9 months to walk again and he lost so much weight. He went from 70 pounds to 28 pounds. That was the genesis of Love your Pet Raw Foods.

I read every book that I could on nutrition. Ian Billingshurst’s book “Give Your Dog A Bone,” resonated. Then I read Dr. Pitcairn’s book, “The Complete Guide to Nutrition,” and I knew it was the right way to feed him properly. I continued reading and practicing making raw food with different protein sources and veggies, I fed Jackson this way and I also asked my customers if they would try it and every dog loved it.

I was thrilled to prepare food out of my kitchen. My little endeavor was a resounding success and I watched Jackson gain weight slowly and steadily. At times, I thought he wouldn’t make it, but he pulled through. His nickname became “Shakey Jake,” he had suffered some neurological problems and from then on, he had a slight tremor and a limp in his gait. That dog was everything to me.

When Jackson died, I sensed it was coming. I had gone to Portland that weekend, and when I returned, I knew it was his time. It was with such a heavy heart that I loaded him in the car. We said goodbye, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

I wore sunglasses for at least six months because I cried so much. I’m pleased to report that although Jackson was accidentally poisoned he lived to the ripe old age of 18. When I’m really discouraged, I think of Jackson and how he never let anything get him down, he always smiled and he was absolute perfection!

There is a photograph of Jackson at the end of our hallway, he was about 16 years old when the picture was taken, and the caption underneath reads, “I can still remember what it feels like to love with all my heart.” I will forever be grateful for that opportunity. I love you Jackie boy, I will always love you.

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