How to Simultaneously Find Success as an Entrepreneur and a Pet Parent!

Sep 8, | 1 comment

If you are launching your own business, you’re in good company. Statistics from Findstack show that there are 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide. Moreover, the United States is ranked as the most favorable country for small business development and entrepreneurial activity.

The draw of becoming an entrepreneur is easy to understand because being your own boss allows you to work from home, set your hours, and stay flexible. And interestingly, these conditions also put you in the perfect position to raise a pet. If you’re starting a company and hoping to become a pet parent, follow these suggestions to find success in both roles.

Choose the Right Pet for You

If you are launching a company from the comfort of home, you’re in the ideal position to adopt a pet. However, because running a business can be time-consuming and stressful, you need to be honest with yourself about how much additional responsibility you can manage. While getting a puppy sounds adorable and perfect, it might entail too much work and responsibility. Consider adopting a slightly older dog. Even just a year or two old pup can make a big difference in

responsibility. You’ll still get your canine companion, but without having to deal with the potty training and puppy teeth.

It’s also a good idea to determine which breed you’re adopting and how much activity they need. If you’re adopting a high-energy breed, make sure that you live in a neighborhood with a high walk score so you can walk them regularly.

Another great option is a cat. Cats are infamous for being independent, and one may be the perfect solution for your current needs. Felines don’t require as much oversight as dogs but still make great companions! You can also consider a rabbit or guinea pig. Both require little effort, but are cute and cuddly friends.

Prepare for the Adoption

Once you’ve decided what kind of pet you will adopt, you need to prepare. If you haven’t had a pet lately, you’ll need to get some supplies. Here are some things for your pet shopping list:

• Pet bed

• Toys

• A crate or pen

• Food and water bowls

• Treats and snacks

• A litter box or pee pads

• Toys and/or a climbing tower

• A carrier and/or leash

• A collar and ID tag

• A brush and other grooming tools

Now that you have all of your supplies, look around your home and think like your critter. Are there loose cables that will be fun to pull and bat around? Tie them up! Are there excellent corners that are ready for a potty accident? Consider closing a few doors or getting a pet gate or pen. Are there stinky or sticky plants in the backyard? Pick up a great smelling pet shampoo! You can find helpful pet care advice online along with reviews for some of these necessary products.

Help Your New Pet Feel Welcome

To facilitate bonding and help your pet feel secure, place your pet’s bed or toys near your desk. Most pets want to be near their owners and feel a sort of connection. Current Biology notes that even cats, which are often seen as independent and happy to be alone, have been shown to form deep connections and look to their owners for safety and security.

Having your furry friend nearby is helpful to you, as well. Because pets provide you with the opportunity to take a healthy break and focus on something other than your job, you are less likely to feel overworked and stressed.

To better care for your new companion, create a document containing contact information for cat service providers, including a qualified veterinarian, a local animal hospital, a pet supply store, and a cat sitter. Having all this information in a digital format allows you to access or share it at the touch of a button.

Also, take advantage of apps designed specifically for cat owners. There are many helpful options:

• “Pet First Aid” offers information to help you handle a pet-related emergency.

• “Puppr” offers free dog training sessions and advice.

• “Cat Training” provides information and possible remedies for common behavioral issues.

• “11pets” allows you to set reminders for your cat’s health and grooming tasks.

Help Your Business Succeed

By thinking and acting strategically, you can ensure that your business runs smoothly and you are left with the time and energy you need for your pet. Helpful strategies to consider:

• Use freelancers for specialized projects.

• Craft a business plan that can serve as a guide for your company’s future.

• Make a custom logo online that reflects your product and your business image.

• Rely on a cloud-based phone system to handle your telecommunication needs • Develop a social media presence that can help you market your product

Form an LLC

Take special care in choosing how to structure your business. Many new business owners choose to form an LLC, as this entity offers tax benefits, flexibility, and protection of personal assets. LLCs also offer flexibility when it comes to how the business is managed and how profits are distributed. Instead of hiring an attorney to register your LLC, you can work with a formation service which is more affordable.

If you are starting your own business, don’t let fear prevent you from opening your heart and home to a new pet. With careful planning, simple strategies, the right business structure, and prudent use of available resources, your business and pet can flourish.

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